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New premises here at Powerfind International Ltd!

We are currently in the process of purchasing another premises! It’s a working progress, so there’s no set date for moving in just yet. It’s almost next door to where we’re already located, but with this new building, we’ll be getting brand new offices, and more storage to house all of our new generators, as well as our previously used ones!

It will be a huge step for Powerfind, as we’ll have more room to grow as a team, therefore improving our overall service. Nothing’s ever going to be perfect, as the world doesn’t stop changing, evolving and moving round you. This is why it’s important that we move with you, and not against you. What’s the point of getting stuck in the past, when the future is so much more interesting?

Our team here at Powerfind chose the new premises because it offers loads of office space, including a new boardroom! We also chose it because the offices are very close to where we’re located at the moment, so this makes sense for the company.

At the moment, our office is directly connected to the warehouse, so it can get pretty noisy when talking to our many clients, giving us all the more reason to move!

We won’t be moving straight away as the new offices need a bit of TLC first, but we’re excited to get the project on the road and moving along!

Speaking of new things, have you seen our account on Twitter? We’ve been constantly updating our used stock on here – Click the link to have a look!

If you’d like to speak to us about the move or need any information on the company at all, why not give us a call on 01246 474 200?

Failing that, our email works just fine: !



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