We are lucky to provide our customers with all of the world’s leading generator companies, and this includes Cummins. With a 2014 net income of $1.65billion, and nearly 55,000 employees worldwide,they definitely fit this tag!

All of our Cummins range are diesel generators and have a Standby Rated Power value from 90kVA to up to a staggering 3000kVA. These Cummins diesel generators are one of the most economical ways to generate electricity and also help the environment.

If you are worried that the contents of the generators may get wet when stored outside, then this is no issue, as the enclosure of the generator is completely weather proof and will be able to survive any elements that are thrown at it! These are also sound proof in order to improve user satisfaction when within close proximity of the product, as Cummins understand that a rather loud noise is preferably not what you’d want to hear.

If you are interested in purchasing or hiring a Cummins diesel generator, then take a look at our full range below.