Project: Detroit 16V149TI diesel engine
Location: France
Details: We removed the 1700 kVA Detroit generator set from a factory in France. The engine was then shipped to a customer in Scandinavia who had suffered a breakdown of an identical engine

Project: 1500 kVA Perkins 4012 diesel generator set
Location: UK
Details: The generator set was removed from a Hospital in the UK. We then fitted the gen set with a Deep Sea control module as requested by our customer and shipped the unit to South Africa

Project: 6.6 mW Cogeneration power plant
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Details: The plant was powered by 2 x Caterpillar G3616 gas generator sets and provided electricity for a textile factory. We spent 1 week dismantling the plant, then shipped the engines to our customer in the USA

Project: 7.4 mW Cogeneration Power plant
Location: Les Borges Blanques, Spain
Details: The Plant was powered by a MAN 7L 40/45 engine running on HFO, providing electricity for a textile factory. Powerfind spent 4 weeks dismantling the plant and then shipped the equipment to our customer in Pakistan